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South Florida’s premier gentlemen’s club – Fully Nude until 6am – 7 days a week.

Vixen’s Cabaret, Voted the #1 strip club Sunrise is located minutes from Hardrock & Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Open Until 6am. Everyone is Welcome! We work hard to be the elite of South Florida’s gentlemans clubs that has more to offer that any strip club around. See for yourself why our patrons love us. Come play in our VIP,  indulge in our champagne rooms and party in our skybox. We also offer the following:

  • Hottest Girls In South Florida

    Let the hottest girls in South Florida help you take your mind off of everything except partying or relaxation. Whichever you need.

  • Men and Woman Always Welcome

    Some places only allow gentlemen in their club. We are open to girls and guys that wish to play at Vixens Cabaret.


    We are staffed and have the resources on hand to host literally any size event or party. So bring your employees for a seminar, a party to celebrate a record breaking month, or simply to have a good time.


    We have popular bands and artists, not to mention other acts (adult and PG), come in to make sure our guests are as entertained as possible. Every night.

  • Birthday Parties

    With such a major birthday coming up? This was the year to go big. Let us take care of everything.

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

    If you’ve been dreaming of strippers and penis-shaped candy since puberty, clear it with your soon-to-be-spouse, and party on. Allow me to make the case for a combined celebration—yes, a bachelor/bachelorette party wherein the groom and bride and their friends hang out together. We cater to all 3 possibilities.


Contact us if you would like more information about our services or venue. We look forward to making you night unforgettable.

Send Us A Message. We Will Respond In Under 5 Minutes.

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PHONE:  1-954-870-5681

Mon – Fri 12 noon – 6am

Sat – Sun 5pm – 6 am



Strip Clubs Sunrise Florida Blog

Strip Clubs Sunrise

Strip Clubs Sunrise

Finding the Best Strip Clubs Fort Lauderdale

When searching for good strip clubs Sunrise to celebrate the bachelor party of your friend, there are several things that you need to consider in order to distinguish the good ones from the bad. Your search will usually start with taking some time in order to objectively look into your options, thus ensuring that everybody in the party will have a great time.

The Search for the Best Strip Clubs Sunrise

There are good quality strip clubs Sunrise that you can particularly choose from. If you are searching for the best, you need to consider the quality of service, the dancers available, and of course, the prices. Just like with anything else, you typically get what you pay for. Therefore, it is highly important to do some bit of research before going to one.

Mostly speaking, when searching for strip clubs Fort Lauderdale for an adult venue, you are thinking of having a good night together with your friends for a party. If you are the one in charge of the actual planning, the groom may be expecting a lot from you. Therefore, you need to return the favor in the best possible way.


Going to strip clubs Sunrise is the best option that you have. For one, you need to find recommendations from your other friends. A logical place to start is asking the other guys who are also going to the same party. If they have already been to a specific place and loved it, most likely others will also enjoy it. Take the time to note some suggestions from other people who have also experienced going to good clubs. You may even contact other friends who may not be included in the party but are quite similar to the ones who are attending the party. You may find that their insight will be as helpful as the others.

The Best Option For A Night At A Strip Club

Now that you have a list make sure that you write down the characteristics that you are expecting to see. In this way, comparing the features of strip clubs Sunrise to your preferences will result to making a good choice. You may also include certain factors such as the actual distance from your starting point, price of drinks, number of strippers, cover charges, drink specials and more. Other minor considerations may include the actual ambiance of the place, the reputation of the club, and other things. These things should also be considered because most of the time, the reputation of a strip club can say a lot about the experience that you will also be getting while staying there.

After narrowing your list down, you can now pinpoint the best one based on the information at hand. Now, you are ready to enjoy the best experience ever with your friends. Most importantly, the groom to be will give you a smile of approval after coming up with a wonderful idea, thanks to the help of strip clubs Sunrise.