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The Unspoken Rules of Having a Good Time at a Strip Club


When it comes to having a good time at Hollywood Strip Club, it is important to abide by the house rules. Most establishments will have a written set of rules that all patrons need to adhere to or else risk being ejected from the club. However, if you are a newbie and have no idea about how you should behave while in a strip club, you will need to educate yourself quickly on the unspoken rules of how to behave in a gentleman’s club. Not all strip clubs will have an attendant ready to break down all the rules for you, but if you have a grasp of these unspoken rules, you will have a better chance of blending in and having fun no matter where you go.


Read on to find out some of the unspoken rules when visiting Hollywood Strip Club.


Spend Some Money

First and foremost, you need to know that as a patron you are there to spend money to be entertained. Strip clubs Fort Lauderdale is businesses. As a customer, you need to buy drinks as well as offer tips to those serving you. Most of the workers in a strip club from the VIP host to the dancers and the hot waiters and bartenders usually earn most of their money from customer tips. As such, you do not have to be told that you will need to bring some money to spend. You do not have to tip everyone, but you should show some appreciation for the service provided.

No Touching

Most strip clubs have a strict no touching rule in force. This means that slight touching, groping, licking or kissing is forbidden. The performers are there to give you a good time but on their terms. If you are planning on having a good time at Hollywood Strip Club, you will have to strictly abide by this unspoken rule or risk being ejected from the establishments. This rule also applies to female patrons who might think it is okay to touch female performers just because they are of the same sex.


Be Courteous

Some patrons usually drop their manners as soon as they get into Hollywood Strip Club. It is very important that you treat the dancers with common decency if you want them to warm up to you. Buy a girl a drink if you want to spend some time with her at the club. If a girl offers a lap dance that you are not interested, be sure to let her down easy. In the same breath, it is worth noting that it is customary to offer a dollar for every song a dancer performs on stage. If you spend more per song, the girls are definitely bound to notice you as well.